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Apple Leather Cases

Apple Leather Cases

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This case is made out of apples. Our scientists took some dried peels, pulverized them, and mixed them into some other stuff to create this velvety soft, ultra-durable case for your CADDIS...and then the designers put some lemons inside just to keep things interesting. We kept a low profile with this slide-and-snap case so you can take more stuff with you wherever you’re going. Plus, it’s water resistant and as durable as leather. You can scratch them all you want, but you won’t smell apples. Trust us, we’ve tried. Keep your frames and the environment a little safer (and PETA a little calmer) with the CADDIS Apple Cases. Specs you should care about:

  • Sustainable leather alternative
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing
  • Stain and water resistant
  • Built with a high tear tensile for long-lasting use
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