There are few couples you meet in life with such an adventures view of what is possible. Taylor & Sybil see the world different. Most of us live in one or two places in our life’s working a steady job and raising a family. Imagine flipping that on its head and taking your tribe on an endless quest of new experiences and living in a new country every 5 to 7 years. Taylor & Sybil met in Encinitas San Diego, got married, started a family then moved to Bali for 6 years, Byron Bay Australia for 4 years, Montauk, NY for 2 years and now are living in Brooklyn, NYC. 20 Years together and 17 married, what an amazing array of culture and beauty the Steele’s have given their family. To say the world is their oyster is an understatement….

TAYLOR uses SOUP CANS with 1.0
SYBIL uses MIKLOS with 1.0


“I see people that start a family and they give up on their dreams. I feel that is the wrong message to send your kids.” -Taylor Steele