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A young 15 year old Donavon Frankenreiter was already bringing home a paycheck as a professional surfer back in Southern California. He grew up surfing the San Clemente pier and surfing waves all over the West Coast landscape. When he received a full sponsorship from Billabong to “free surf” the world and become the first full time professional surfer/evangelical for the brand, he knew he had a gift. Equal to his love of surfing was his desire to create music, and in 2004 Donavon’s first solo album was released. Knowing that the professional surfing career had a shelf life, Donavon was able to start over and create a second chapter that could actually beat his Act One. He’s not even remotely slowing down, and we’re anxious to see where it all goes… is Donavon.



95% of what we do, think or feel comes from a learned habit. Living automatically can have advantages day to day, such as developing unconscious responses to mundane tasks. Having said that, we must also be conscious of our bad habits and unlearn those bad habits that keep us from real growth. As people age they get stuck….don’t get stuck. Change is good.