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Steve Olson never left the building...

0 min read

If you skated in the 80’s you know the name Steve Olson. Steve Olson is 55 years around the sun…and as far as we can tell…is still very much Steve Olson. Watch.

Small Screens Suck Vol. 1

0 min read

Hijacking the minds of 2 Billion people should be of concern to all of us, but how the problems are addressed is a mess of accountability, capitalism, and ethics. We’ve read how the amount of time spent on social media (or just online) is damaging, but this explains where it’s all going if it blindly runs it’s course. Read it here...

Wes Anderson's 1st full length animation coming soon

0 min read

Wes Anderson is the master of visual correctness. His first full feature animation film comes out this March and it looks great. If somebody knows Wes , please have him call us. We’d like to buy him a Fresca and hear his story. Watch trailer.

Compound Time

0 min read

H-U-G-E believerin “compound time” as described here. Basically, it means you can do just about anything if you start right now. Most people don’t subscribe to this idea because they’re stuck in a routine…but this one thing works like Clamato on a Sunday morning. Read about it.